An important part of Toastmasters training is learning about leadership. And the best way to become skilled at leadership is to experience it.


  • Any current active member of the club is eligible to run for office and members may run for more than one office.
  • Offices to be filled are: president, vice president education, vice president membership, vice president public relations, secretary, treasurer and sergeant at arms.
  • All positions should be filled, if possible. However, a club must have a minimum of three officers – the president, a vice president, and the secretary/ treasurer. Each of these offices must be held by three different people.

  • Procedure

  • Before you begin the election process, briefly explain the major responsibilities of each office. Then explain the election process and proceed with elections.
  • Accept nominations for the office of president. A member of the previous committee (including the immediate past President) should nominate this person.
  • Ask for seconding by other members.
  • Ask for additional nominations for the office of president. If others are nominated, asks for seconding.
  • Repeat this for other roles.
  • Club presidents elected for a term of one year may not be re-elected for a successive term. For other roles, re-election is fine.