What is this speech about ?

  • Every speech must have a general and a specific purpose.
  • A general purpose is to inform, to persuade, to entertain or to inspire.
  • A specific purpose is what you want the audience to do after listening to your speech.
  • Once you have established your general and specific purposes, you’ll find it easy to organize your speech.
  • You’ll also have more confidence, which makes you more convincing, enthusiastic and sincere.
  • Of course, the better organized the speech is, the more likely it is to achieve your purpose.


  • Select a speech topic and determine its general and specific purposes.
  • Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.
  • Ensure the beginning; body and conclusion reinforce the purposes.
  • Project sincerity and conviction and control any nervousness you may feel.
  • Strive not to use notes.
  • Time: Five to seven minutes.




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