Club Meeting Roles

  • Toastmaster of The Day

    The Toastmaster is the meeting’s director and host. The Toastmaster introduces the duty-holders and speakers with the interesting fact. As the Toastmaster of the day, one is responsible for ensuring all of the meeting’s players know their parts and hit their marks. More
  • General Evaluator

    Ensuring the speech and other evaluators know their responsibilities. Evaluating everything that takes place during the club meeting, and making sure each activity is performed correctly. More
  • Table Topics Chair

    The Table Topics Chair gives a brief description of the theme of the Table Topics. They call on a respondent at random. Each speaker receives a different topic or question. More
  • Speakers

    Give a prepared speech. Prepare a speech according to the type of speech you want to practice from the guidelines in the Competent Communication manual or Advanced Communication manuals. More
  • Speech Evaluators

    The evaluator of each speech will provide both verbal and written evaluations to the speaker using the guide in the manual.Making sure each activity is performed correctly. More
  • Thought of the Day

    A thought or an inspiring quotation that sets the tone for the day’s meeting. More
  • Grammarian

    The Grammarian makes note of the grammar and word use, and point any mistakes. Also, it provides an exercise in expanding listening skills. More
  • Ah-Um Counter

    The Ah-Um Counter makes a note of any word or sound used as a crutch by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections, such as ah, um, and, well, but, so etc. More
  • Self-Presentation Monitor

    Monitors non-verbal communication. Indicates low volume or absence of vocal variation. Gives a detailed report on each participant at the end. More
  • Time-Keeper and Vote Counter

    One is responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers. Also, responsible for counting the votes for best table topics, speech, and evaluator.